10 Awesome SMS Marketing ideas for your Company

It is easy to see why many people believe that SMS marketing isn’t cutting edge or is something that firms don’t need to bother with but this would be the wrong approach. People are reliant on their smartphones these days and while these devices allow people to connect to the internet, they are still a communication device. SMS marketing works because it allows you to send messages to your audience wherever they are in real time.

The open-rates associated with SMS marketing should be enough to convince you to consider this form of marketing but it is important to be aware of the nature of SMS marketing. While it should conform to all of your other marketing activities, ensuring that you have a cohesive brand for your audience to follow, you want to make sure that you utilise the capabilities of SMS messaging. With this in mind, here are 10 awesome SMS marketing ideas for your company.

  1. Offer discount codes for SMS customers
  2. Provide advance warning of sales and new product launches
  3. Provide tips that your customers will benefit from
  4. Provide receipts, confirmations and proof of purchase via SMS
  5. If you offer appointments, send SMS reminders
  6. Tie SMS promotion with email and social media
  7. Allow customers to contact you by text and make sure you respond
  8. Wish people the best of the season or pass comment on holidays/big local days
  9. Run a competition for people on your SMS list
  10. Offer links to exclusive content

With SMS marketing, you want to offer value. You will likely have to offer something to your audience in the first place to ensure that people sign up for your service. This may be a bonus straight away or it could be the promise of great deals or exclusive offers to people on the SMS mailing list. This means that discounts, pre-launch invites or something which provides a customer with a reason to give you their mobile number should all be part of your SMS marketing activities.

SMS marketing can be functional

Depending on your business, it may be that your use of SMS marketing can be functional. If clients have appointments with you, send them reminders or offer tips about the best route to get to your premises.

You’ll also find that as SMS messages normally send to the user in real time and are opened quickly, you have a chance to be very topical with your SMS marketing. Whether you tie promotions around certain events or you send out messages related to the day and date, there is a chance to engage people in real time that you don’t always have with other forms of marketing.

At Orbital Agents, we know that there are many ways to engage your audience. Social media marketing and email marketing are very important these days but they aren’t the only way you can reach out to people. There is a great deal to be said for providing your audience with content when and where they want it, and SMS marketing is a fantastic way to connect in real time, so add this style of working to your marketing strategy.